companion dolls

for children impacted by medical related hair loss

companion dolls

for children impacted by medical related hair loss

a relatable friend

Bravery Buddies are a collection of dolls for children who are impacted by medical related hair loss – from cancer treatment or alopecia.

These special dolls send the message “you are not alone”. They are inclusive dolls for both boys and girls of different ethnicities created to offer comfort and bring a glimmer of joy to the lives of children affected by cancer.

The Bravery Buddies have no hair, just like a lot of children who are battling cancer or alopecia. The aim is for the dolls’ physical appearance to help sick kids feel like they’ve got an empathetic friend on their side. To be able to look at their special friend and think, “Hey, you’re just like me.” Children are able to form a bond with their dolls, to share their experiences – to be a friend to them when they need one most.

Over 6000 Bravery Buddies have been distributed across Australia since our founding in 2018 however the sad fact is that our job will never be finished as over 800 children every year are diagnosed with cancer in addition to the many thousands of children who are impacted through the diagnosis of a parent or loved one and of course the children who are diagnosed with alopecia which is very often a life long condition.

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Spreading joy on a difficult journey

Bravery Buddies is a not-for-profit organisation with one purpose and one purpose only. Positivity. Our goal is to turn all of those negative feelings that come with cancer or alopecia diagnosis and turn them upside down! We aim to create and promote joy, to inspire inclusion and companionship and to make children know that they are not alone. We measure the success of Bravery Buddies in smiles!

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Shout out to these legends  – we would not be here without you!

Creating our lovely little Buddies is unfortunately not a cheap endeavour, and we rely on the generosity of sponsors to make it all possible. Many business owners have jumped at the chance to join our “Smile Crew”, covering the cost of several dolls to help immensely in reaching our fundraising goals!