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bravery buddies for little warriors!



CapabiliTees specialises in printing a range of merchandise, blending quality and purpose. Inspired by Corrina's journey with her son Marshall, from regional Victoria to Melbourne for medical care, the business is a heartfelt endeavour. Every purchase contributes towards charities, reflecting CapabiliTees' commitment to giving back. Corrina, the sole operator, ensures each product meets high standards, from printing to packing and shipping. Working from home allows her to balance entrepreneurship with family needs, while earning a small income. CapabiliTees' success enables consistent contributions to charitable causes, making it a meaningful choice for quality printed merchandise with a purpose.



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Sponsorship Message to the kids:

I'm sending you this special doll as a gesture of love and support. I hope it brings you joy and comfort whenever you need it. Remember, you are unique and cherished just as you are. Wishing you moments of happiness and peace. With warmest regards, Corrina - CapabiliTees