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bravery buddies for little warriors!


Blackbutt Engineering & Hydraulink

We are the largest Engineering Jobbing Shop with a Mobile Hydraulic Service on the Mid North Coast. We do all sort of engineering, fabrication, modifications and hydraulic works. We work on trucks, motor bikes, earth moving equipment, wheel chair lifts, farm equipment. No job too big or small!



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Sponsorship Message to the kids:

Dear Kiddo You are not alone, although we have never met, we carry thoughts of you in our heart. We wish you nothing but love and happiness during these testing times. Your Parents are your best friends, they will do whatever they possibly can to help you, eat your veggies when they nag, they really do mean the best. Lots of Love Simon, Brooke & the Boys at Blackbutt Engineering (Dont giggle about our Business name, we arent being rude! Its a name of Native Trees in the area that we live 😉 )