In honour of Megan

Diagnosed with lymphoma at the age of 16 in 2019, Megan requested a Bravery Buddy in 2020 to comfort her in hospital. She prefaced her request with the words “it’s ok if I’m too old and can’t get one” and I immediately reassured her that she was most definitely NOT too old and her new friend would be with her soon.

Megan named her Bravery Buddy “Hope” and it gave me so much joy to witness how much she meant to her. I was an older child myself when I was diagnosed with leukaemia so I connected greatly with Megan and she showed me how special Bravery Buddies were – not just for the little kids – but for everyone.

I invited Megan to be a Bravery Buddies ambassador, a role that she was passionate about, always sharing our cause and promoting Bravery Buddies, both to would-be sponsors and to other kids and teens who, like her, would benefit from one.

Megan passed away on Thursday 14th July. This tour was for her. In her name and memory, Bravery Buddies travelled through Queensland and New South Wales  donating 500 Bravery Buddies – from Megan – to the following organisations:

Bravery Buddies will continue working to break the stigma that dolls are only for “little kids” and inspired by Megan will share the love and joy that Bravery Buddies brings to so many.


A huge thank you to everyone who contributed to our Tour For Megan, especially the following businesses who helped immensely in covering costs so that all 500 Buddies could be gifted in Megan’s name.


We will be continuing to deliver Bravery Buddies in honour of Megan. Funds from all Team Megan Strong Merchandise will go towards covering costs of Bravery Buddies and in addition a portion will go to Megan’s other favourite charities – Bravery Box and The Leukaemia Foundation.