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    I have received many requests since starting Bravery Buddies to develop dolls for children impacted by a vast array of medical conditions, disabilities and disorders. The most common request in that time has been to develop a buddy for children with Autism. Bravery Buddies have always been there for the children we support to provide a relatable companion - and we have built this relatability through making our dolls look like the children we primarily support - for children undergoing treatment for cancer for example our dolls have no hair, to help them to find comfort in a doll that looks just like them.

    When asked to develop a doll for children with Autism, I spent quite a while pondering how I could accomplish this same level of comfort for a child, without the obvious relatability that comes from physical appearance. I began to research, and together with experiences I have had with my own son Joey, who is himself on the spectrum, I realised that I could create a doll that was an overall comforting experience for a child with autism. One that ticks all the sensory boxes and of course is still a beautiful little friend for them to love.

    That has brought me here. Bravery Buddies has forever been a team effort. I value my amazing community more than words can say.

    So I need your help! I would absolutely love to hear from you, it would mean so much to me if you could spare a few minutes to share your experiences so that I can develop the very best Bravery Buddy possible to support children with Autism.

    Thank you so very much for your time.

    Tegan x

  • e.g parent, carer, teacher, specialist
  • We would love any input you may have on how best to develop a Bravery Buddy for children with Autism.